Sourcing Challenge Weekly – Tools, Tools, Tools

Recorded on 12th January 2021

Dov Zavadskis and Mark Lundgren talk about this week in the World of Talent Sourcing.

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Show Notes

Time Stamp: 0:03:36

Irina Shamaeva published a new Article on – We talk about the tools and sites in the Article.

Irina’s Article on

Make sure to also follow both Irina Shamaeva and David Galley (Who we interviewed for the Sourcing Challenge Show episode 39 in 2019)

And sign up for the Boolean Strings Network on

Time Stamp: 0:14:31

No show talking about tools would be complete without Dean Da Costa – In a new video on Dean talks about his collection.

Read the article announcing the new video here:

Noel Cocca’s Article on

And watch the Video here:

Time Stamp: 0:19:19

Dov found the treasure that is Technisette’s OSINT Tools list.

Make sure to follow Technisette on Twitter

The Web Scraper I use and mentioned on the Show can be found here:

We also mentioned Sjamilla van der Toonen‘s sourcing tools list on Github

Watch or Listen to Sjamilla’s Sourcing Challenge Show Episode 6:

Time Stamp: 0:38:03

We talked about Andre Bradshaw again this week

Watch or Listen to the Sourcing Challenge Show Interview with Andre.

Follow Andre on YouTube or Twitch.

And support him on Patreon

Time Stamp: 0:47:38

Dov recommended that we follow Eightfold14 on Twitter

Follow Dov on his new Instagram: 

See you all again next week for more Sourcing World news.

If you missed any of the Sourcing Challenge Weekly Episodes you can find them all here:

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