Sourcing Challenge Weekly – We have a winner!

Recorded on 2nd February 2021

Dov Zavadskis and Mark Lundgren talk about this week in the World of Talent Sourcing.

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Show Notes

Time Stamp: 0:01:59

We are happy to announce the lucky winner of the “Robot-Proof Recruiter” giveaway

Make sure to follow Katrina Collier and check out her year long Robot-Proof Recruiter Mastermind

Time Stamp: 0:07:21

Jan Tegze shared his article on Medium about sourcing on Clubhouse

Time Stamp: 0:12:14

Balazs Paroczay shared an article based on research by Andre Bradshaw about the decline in number of sourcers in different counties.

The Evolution Of Sourcing (according to the research of Andre Bradshaw)

Time Stamp: 0:23:56

Dov talked about how Mark Deubel had shared his struggles of finding a good Technical Recruiter for his team – Check out the role Mark is trying to find someone for in his LinkedIn post

Time Stamp: 0:30:12

Dov will be on a Recruitment Working Lunch panel tomorrow Wednesday 3rd February 2021 at 1pm GMT talking about Agency Recruiter VS In-house recruiter – check out the panel here:

Time Stamp: 0:32:47

Dov will also be speaking at L&D Cares that takes place 9th-12th February – see the announcement of the event here.

Time Stamp: 0:37:45

OSINT Investigator Benjamin Stick posted on Twitter about his OSINT at home video playlist.

Time Stamp: 0:39:44

Dov has mentioned this in earlier episodes when we talked about OSINT but it is worth mentioning again and is a show you should check out on Netflix.

Join us next week again for more weekly news from the Sourcing world.

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