Sourcing Challenge Weekly – Agency vs In-House

Recorded on 9th February 2021

Dov Zavadskis and Mark Lundgren talk about this week in the World of Talent Sourcing.

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Show Notes

Time Stamp: 0:01:03

Dov was talking about Agency vs In-house last week on Recruitment Working Lunch on Crowdcast

Time Stamp: 0:28:09

Mallory Welty’s post on LinkedIn about being approached for junior roles.

Time Stamp: 0:38:16

Andre Bradshaw’s research on the evolution of the sourcing role in the last years.

Watch Andre’s video explaining the research and his finding

Tris Revill’s interview with Andre from this week:

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Time Stamp: 0:41:55

Growth Hacking Recruiter post about Mark Deubel’s Technical Recruiter interview questions.

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Mark’s original post in Recruitment Brainfood Facebook Group:

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Time Stamp: 0:55:45

Irina Shamaeva will be speaking at a free OSINT training – Open-Source Intelligence Summit – February 11-12

Time Stamp: 0:58:39

Recruitment Trailblazers is a podcast to follow – I we highly recommend to listen to the Episode with Vanessa Raath.

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Join us next week again for more weekly news from the Sourcing world.

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